Rosie goes ALL CAPS on Mitch McConnell, but didn’t take her long to steer the psychotic rage at Trump

Rosie O’Donnell forgot to take her meds again.

The unemployed comedian launched an all-caps rant against Mitch McConnell after a reporter claimed the Republican senator had refused to answer a question at a town hall in Kentucky.

“YOU ARE A CREEP MITCH,” O’Donnell tweeted.

Of course, no Rosie tirade is complete without an unhinged attack on President Trump.

O’Donnell has held a grudge against Trump since 2006, when he called her a “fat pig” after she trashed him as a “snake-oil salesman” who had cheated on his first wife, Ivana.

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Rosie said Trump is guilty of “treason” (for what, no one knows), and said his presidency will “come tumbling down in an orange mudslide.”

In another deranged tweet, O’Donnell urged followers to commit treason by stealing the president’s income tax returns.

Last month, Rosie suggested that martial law be imposed to delay Trump’s inauguration. Fortunately, no one listened to her.

Many reacted to O’Donnell’s latest manic tweet storm by urging her to seek psychological help. Others reminded Rosie that she had promised to move to Canada if Trump got elected.

One man remembered that before she became a full-time Twitter troll, O’Donnell once had a thriving career.

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Samantha Chang


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