Nothing to see here, just a Black Lives Matter leader going airborne over a Confederate flag

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s a Black Lives Matter activist?

A man was captured on live TV going airborne over a police barrier in a desperate attempt to take a Confederate flag away from a protester.

The only thing missing in his “Superman dive,” as described by the New York Post, was a cape.

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Muhiyidin d’Baha, no fan of free speech, is a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, according to The Charlotte Post and Courier.

The 31-year-old South Carolina resident — his legal name is Muhiyidin Elamin Moye — was charged with disorderly conduct for his efforts, the newspaper reported

Here’s another angle from The Post and Courier:

The incident took place Wednesday outside the Sottile Theatre at the College of Charleston, where Bree Newsome was speaking on social justice and activism.

Newsome’s claim to fame is that she climbed a flagpole outside the Statehouse in Columbia in June 2015 to remove a Confederate flag.

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Turns out, there were only two protesters up against a much larger group of counter-protesters, according to reporter Deanna Pan, who posted video of the now-grounded BLM activist being hauled away.

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