Sheriff Clarke: ‘Leadership has returned to the White House’

“Leadership has returned to the White House.”

That’s how Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke described a Trump presidency during a panel discussion with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity and radio talk show host Larry Elder.

Hannity slammed the dishonest mainstream media, saying they constantly try to undermine Trump and ignore his accomplishments. Hannity said maybe it’s because they’re so surprised we have a president who’s actually making good on his campaign promises.

“Leadership has returned to the White House,” Sheriff Clarke said. “We haven’t had that in 35 years or so. Real leadership, I’m talking about since Ronald Reagan was there. A clearly defined vision for America, clear principles…things that people can get behind.”

Larry Elder agreed, and said unlike past presidents, Trump has had no “honeymoon period” from the leftist media, which relentlessly attacks him around the clock.

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Despite taking incoming from all sides, Elder is stunned by how much Trump has accomplished in four short week.

“I think it’s extraordinary that he has gotten as much done in one month given the opposition by the other party and the hostility of the media,” Elder said. “I thank God someone is finally taking on the [fake news] media.”

Sheriff Clarke said he’s disgusted by how dishonest the mainstream press has become, saying they can no longer even hide their left-wing bias.

“The liberal mainstream media is the propaganda wing of the Democratic party,” Clarke said. “They no longer maintain their independence to be a watchdog of the government.”

Finally, Hannity asked Sheriff Clarke about widespread rumors that he may join the Trump administration. Trump supporters love Clarke’s no-nonsense stance on law enforcement and unwavering patriotism. “So Sheriff, are you going to join the Trump administration?” Hannity asked.

Sheriff Clarke diplomatically replied with a smile: “Just be patient.”

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