Trump was right about Sweden, media ignores the real story again

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson joined the “Fox & Friends” morning crew on Monday to say media critics eager to denounce President Donald Trump over a remark the president made about Sweden “may be missing the point.”

“They missed the point, co-host Steve Doocy said. “There’s trouble in Sweden.”

Trump mentioned an incident in Sweden while speaking at a rally in Florida on Saturday that turned out to be a reference to a Fox News report Friday on Carlson’s show about rape and violence skyrocketing in Sweden after that country took in hundreds of thousands of refugees.

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To be fair, the president made it sound as if a terror attack had occurred in Sweden.

Carlson said presidents should be “precise” with their words so people know what they’re talking about, but said the media is ignoring the real story here, which is the “massive social cost” and political backlash Europe is facing for taking in so many refugees — an effort that “hasn’t worked very well.”

“Good for Trump and good for anyone else who raises at least that question,” he said.

“Let’s have an honest conversation about how you bring tons of people in and make them fully vested in your society,” he added. “If [Europe] can’t do it, how are we going to do it?”

And while much of the media was busy trying to say the president was intentionally misleading the public with his remarks, Trump took to Twitter to clarify what he was talking about.

All of which played out in a Facebook rant that’s getting a Swedish police officer in plenty of hot water.

Peter Springare, a police investigator in Orebro, Sweden, detailed his case over a 5 day period earlier this month: Five rapes, three assaults, a pair of extortions, blackmail, an attempted murder, violence against police and a robbery.


With the exception on one drug-related case attributed to a Swedish man, all of the suspects were from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey, Fox News reported.

“Mohammed, Mahmod, Ali, again and again,” the investigator wrote of suspects in the crimes.

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