Milo Yiannopoulos officially dis-invited from CPAC after video firestorm; see statement

That didn’t take long…

Milo Yiannopoulos has been dis-invited as the keynote speaker at CPAC 2017 after a disturbing video surfaced of the flamboyant right-wing British provocateur speaking favorably about relationships between younger boys and older men.

After initially explaining that Yiannopoulus had an “important perspective” on the suppression of free speech on college campuses, Matt Schlapp, chairman of the ACU, which hosts CPAC, released a statement rescinding the invitation.

“Due to the revelation of an offensive video in the past 24 hours condoning pedophilia, the American Conservative Union has decided to rescind the invitation of Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference,” the statement begins.

“In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men — the sort of ‘coming of age’ relationship — those relationships in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable, sort of rock, where they can’t speak to their parents,” Yiannopoulos said in the video.

Despite his own words, he denounced pedophilia in a statement on Facebook and said the video release was a coordinated effort by establishment Republicans to “discredit” him.

“I do not support pedophilia. Period. It is a vile and disgusting crime, perhaps the very worst,” Yiannopoulos said.

Guy Benson, political editor of and a Fox News contributor, noted on Twitter that the vote to can Yiannopoulus was “unanimous”

Tom Tillison


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