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Chelsea Clinton trolls Trump and Kellyanne, but can’t seem to work out simple math

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Given her parents, did you expect anything less?

In a post that prompted one social media user to ask, “Who ties your shoes for you,” Chelsea Clinton does not appear to grasp the idea that cutting federal spending will make America great again.

OUCH! Juanita Broaddrick burns Chelsea Clinton with
very definition of mic drop! ‘Well, since you asked . . .’

Not comprehending that the U.S. in nearly $20 trillion in debt, the Clinton daughter took to Twitter to advocate for the use of taxpayer money to fund the arts and public television, among other liberal programs, while mocking the Trump tagline, “Make America Great Again.”

Clinton was back at the tweeting thing Sunday morning to mock President Donald Trump, which only served to reinforce her liberal constitution.

She ridiculed Trump over a remark he made the night before at a rally in Florida, where the president pointed to an incident in Sweden while defending his efforts to keep America safe.

Fox News reported on violence committed by refugees in Sweden on Friday, which was downplayed by the left after Trump’s reference.

Trying her hand a comedy — keep your day job — Clinton also got a shot in on Trump’s senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway.

And while social media users may have wanted to go easy on the privileged child, given the circumstances, they opted otherwise.

Who can blame them after she leaves the dumbest opening ever, asking, “what am I missing?”

… the answers begin with the aforementioned question.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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