NRA isn’t just for white people: Black Guns Matter out to arm urban America

For one man who believes the answer to gun violence in America is more guns, the NRA isn’t just for white people.

Philadelphia activist Maj Toure had a novel idea, instead of trying to get guns off the streets, why not start licensing urban residents “to legally pack heat.”

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In an effort to curb gun violence, Toure founded Black Guns Matter, a campaign that educates young people about guns and gun safety. Not only are they taught to respect firearms, but also learn about the responsibilities that go with gun ownership.

“I was 15, walking around with a gun I had no idea how to use and no real respect for,” Toure said during an interview with NPR last year.

“In hindsight, I wish there would have been somebody to say, hey, this is a firearm, it’s not a game,” he said. “So when I’m seeing other people living out the same scenario, I want to be that adult teaching them properly.”

Why not give it a try? Things certainly can’t get much worse in places like Chicago and Baltimore.

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Tom Tillison


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