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‘Would you do this to Hillary?’ NPR loses all credibility with one ‘disgustingly biased’ Trump bashing tweet

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This is your tax dollars at work, America.

NPR has long been a cheerleader for the left but its latest effort to undermine President Donald Trump was quite a stretch.

In a piece about the debate physicians are having on whether the longevity of presidents demands tests of their mental health, NPR promoted the story with a tweet focused on Trump’s family history.

On a ‘day without immigrants,’ President Trump puts thousands of AMERICAN coal miners back to work

“At 70, Trump is the oldest American president to ever take office. Couple his age with a family history of dementia — his father Fred developed Alzheimer’s disease in his 80s — and one could argue that the question of baseline cognitive testing for the U.S. head of state has taken on new relevance,” Bret Stetka wrote in the NPR story.

Twitter users did not take the bias lying down, and plenty wanted to know why Hillary didn’t get the same treatment.

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