‘What a fraud!’ Folks call out ‘Day Without Immigrants’ strike for conveniently ignoring one crucial word

The open border crowd is having a “Day Without Immigrants” protest in several U.S. cities Thursday to oppose President Donald Trump’s immigration polices designed to keep Americans safe.

The only thing missing will be the term “illegal immigrants,” but this is by design, as noted by social media user Mark Romano:

The protests play off a huge rally in Milwaukee on Monday, where demonstrators marched under the banner “Day without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees.” The march was in opposition to a plan by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke that would effectively turn his deputies into immigration agents.

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Celebrity chef Jose Andres, who backed out on a deal to open the anchor restaurant in Trump’s D.C. hotel, took to Twitter to let it be known he will close some of his eateries in support of Thursday’s protest:

A promo making the rounds on social media offered the ominous warning: “Mister President, without us and without our input, this country will stand still.”

The hashtag #DayWithoutImmigrants began trending on Twitter, but many responses pointed out how much of a “fraud” the whole thing is.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:



Hmm, it won’t be so easy to get away with these deceitful tactics if folks like these keep calling them out.

And then, there’s this:


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