Secret Service director appointed by Obama announces surprise exit after 29 years at the agency

Secret Service director Joseph Clancy will retire on March 4.

Clancy, an Obama appointee, made the surprise announcement amid growing concern over widespread press leaks in the Trump administration.

“Joseph P. Clancy, the director of the Secret Service, is retiring after a cumulative total of 29 years at the agency,” the Secret Service announced on Twitter Tuesday.

Clancy, who joined the Secret Service in 1984, led former President Obama‘s security detail in 2009 before retiring in 2011. Clancy came out of retirement in 2014 after Obama named him Secret Service director.

secret service kerry o grady slams trump
Secret Service agent Kerry O’Grady

Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz released a statement wishing Clancy well. However, Chaffetz also urged President Trump to appoint a new director from outside the Secret Service.

“A fresh set of eyes and new perspective is needed to restore the prestige and status expected of such an elite agency,” Chaffetz said.

Last month, senior Secret Service agent Kerry O’Grady came under fire after saying she won’t defend President Trump because he thinks he is a “disaster.” O’Grady was later placed on paid administrative leave amid public calls for her firing.

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Trump’s first month in the White House has been marred by sneaky insubordination from Obama holdovers and a series of damaging press leaks designed to undermine his administration.

Outgoing national security adviser Michael Flynn was the first casualty of the sabotage.

Aides have since urged President Trump to clean house and get rid of Obama loyalists and bring in an entirely new team that is loyal to him.

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