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Actress Alyssa Milano is triggered into ‘SCREAMING’ over House Republican vote

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A vote by House Republicans not to request President Donald Trump’s tax returns sent Democrats and liberals into a meltdown.

The party-line vote by the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday blocked a Democratic attempt to use an obscure law to obtain Trump’s tax returns from the IRS and make them public, according to an Associated Press report.

Democrats argued that obtaining the tax records, which would reveal if there was any connection between Trump and Russia, was a matter of national security.

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“Trump has said he has no investments in Russia, and Democrats acknowledged that have no evidence otherwise,” the AP reported.

The news triggered Democrats who vowed to keep pressing the issue.

“No one on this committee can say for sure that Trump doesn’t have investments in Russia,” Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. said. “We don’t know.”

The New Jersey Democrat promised to raise the issue “over and over and over again.”

“I’m good at that,” he said, according to AP.

Actress Alyssa Milano joined liberals in their emotional spiral.

For others, the brouhaha was simply over the top.

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