Sheriff Clarke’s new zero-tolerance crackdown on illegals triggers busloads to arrive in Milwaukee

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Milwaukee on Monday to protest a plan by Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke that would effectively turn his deputies into immigration agents.

Led by Voces de le Frontera, protesters were bussed in from outside the city to march under the banner “Day without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees,” according to The Wisconsin State Journal.

More from the State-Journal:

A sea of demonstrators marched on Monday from Milwaukee’s predominantly Hispanic south side to the downtown courthouse to protest a plan that would deputize local law enforcement officers as federal immigration agents.

Busloads of demonstrators from about a dozen communities around Wisconsin arrived to join local protesters in the milelong march. Parents with children in strollers, young men hoisting Mexican and American flags, and older supporters mingled as the crowd, estimated at 10,000 to 20,000 by police, moved through the streets chanting “Si, podemos!” or “Yes we can!”


The Trump administration continues a policy much like the Obama administration of only targeting criminal illegal immigrants, to include murderers and rapists, but Jose Flores, president of Voces de le Frontera, told the State Journal people are “afraid.”

“Many peoples got to be afraid, you know,” Flores said. “Like many families in this county, there’s a lot of hard workers. They are not criminals. We are not criminals.”

Voces de le Frontera was clear on what they’d like to see Sheriff Clarke do:

As for Clarke, he released a statement that showed he was not backing down.

“There must be a zero tolerance for allowing people to illegally enter this country and establish permanent residency,” the hard-nosed sheriff said.

Flores said the protesters marched against President Donald Trump and his hard-line immigration stance, as well.

“There’s a lot of hate in the country now with the new president, and we march for that too,” he said.

Here are additional videos and images of the protest from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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