Jorge Ramos’ lame photo-ripping drama no match for Hannity: ‘Do you care about fellow Americans at all?’

kate steinle killed by illegal alien
Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien who was deported 5 times. (YouTube)

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity clashed with Univision host Jorge Ramos over the arrests of 600 criminal illegal aliens last week.

Ramos slammed President Trump‘s executive order calling for the deportation of illegals who commit felonies and violent crimes. This is something former President Obama also did, but the media largely ignored his actions.

Dishonest hacks like Ramos are falsely reporting that Trump wants to round up hotel maids and grandmothers when in reality, deportation targets are illegal aliens who have committed crimes (in addition to being here illegally). If you’re an illegal alien who has not committed a felony, you are not a target.

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Ramos said Trump is being heartless by deporting illegals who commit crimes, even though they are a massive financial drain on the U.S. economy and a threat to citizens’ safety. Now that President Trump is actually enforcing immigration laws, Ramos said the United States is no longer the country he knows.

Hannity fired back: “You say, ‘This isn’t the America I know.’ Well, what America do you know? Where people break the law? Where people don’t respect American sovereignty? Where Americans – some of them – lose their children, just because you define compassion as open borders?”

Ramos responded by saying Trump is tearing families apart, and dramatically ripped up a family photo of Guadalupe García de Rayos, an illegal alien who was deported after using a fake Social Security number (a felony).

Rayos was married to another illegal immigrant, with whom she had two “anchor babies.” Had she not committed a felony, she would not have been deported.

obama deportations illegal immigrantsHannity followed up by asking Ramos if he’s at all concerned about Americans that have been killed by illegal immigrants, the illegal drugs that have poured into this country, or the $113 billion a year that U.S. taxpayers pay every year because of illegal immigration.

Later in the interview, Hannity asked Ramos why he opposes Trump’s “extreme vetting” policy for refugees from countries that are known hotbeds of Islamic terrorism.

Hannity said Ramos wants to gamble with American lives in the name of political correctness and faux liberal compassion.

“Here’s the reality: Radical Islamists are at war with America,” Hannity said. “You are willing to gamble with the lives of Americans and not vet them.”

He continued: “Do you really care about your fellow Americans at all? Do you care about their safety?”

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