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‘I smell a Pulitzer!’ NY Times reporter digs up old Ivanka video that could blow lid off Trump bathrobe story

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That’s it? They’re hanging everything on a robe?

After White House press secretary Sean Spicer made the offhand remark that he didn’t believe President Donald Trump owned a bathrobe, New York Times business reporter Rachel Abrams rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

Spicer made the comment in reply to a story two of Abrams’ colleagues had published earlier that the president “moves through the residence in a bathrobe” at night contemplating his next move.

She was determined to blow the lid off the “bathrobe story” and vindicate her Times co-workers. And she announced success. She reported:

Why are they even wasting their time on this people wanted to know.

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Even those who weren’t fans of the president wondered why time and effort were spent on the Times “scoop.”

And the Times was roundly mocked — and for good reason.

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A leaked memo disclosed that the left-wing Media Matters has been trying to find an impeachable offense to lodge against Trump from the beginning. One suggested this may be just the ticket.

Add to that, Abrams’ “discovery” doesn’t prove a thing.

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Spicer hedged and said he didn’t believe Trump owned a bathrobe — not that he didn’t.

Also, the “damning” evidence was seven years old and described what Trump did in his own private Manhattan apartment — a far cry from the White House.

But above all, who the heck cares — other than The New York Times.


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