‘Evidence’ that Kellyanne may not last 4 yrs with Trump shows how eager libs are to be rid of her; here’s her response

In a report that may show just how eager the left is to be rid of Kellyanne Conway and her tenacity, sources say President Donald Trump‘s senior adviser may not spend the full four years with the president.

The sources are basing the assertion on the enrollment in a country club, according to Page Six.


More on the sources’ deductive reasoning from Page Six:

Sources tell Page Six that top Trump advisor Kellyanne and her husband George T Conway III are members of the exclusive Alpine Country Club in Demarest, New Jersey, where memberships can cost up to $75,000, plus $25,000 a year in dues.

One source at the club told us, “It was expected that Kellyanne would resign her membership, as she’s moved to DC. But instead of resigning, she and her husband asked for a leave of absence for just one year. Hasn’t she gone to Washington for four years?”


Conway was “counseled” last week after encouraging Fox News viewers to buy Ivanka Trump‘s products, but the president sees her as a trustworthy aide willing to go where others refuse to tread.

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“There is no den she will not go into,” Trump said at an inauguration party. “When my men are petrified to go on a certain network, I say, ‘Kellyanne, would you do it?’ Then she gets on, and she just destroys them.”

Conway told Page Six she wanted to keep her membership at the ritzy club because their culinary offerings are “among the best food on the Jersey side!”

“Anything more than a year feels like a cancellation, not a suspension,” she explained, before adding with a wink, “Do the rules allow for 4 years? And don’t you mean 8 years, not 4?”

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