Hillary attempts a snarky dig at President Trump over 9th Circuit ruling, and it couldn’t have gone worse

hillary clinton tweets to trump over 9th circuit
Hillary Clinton tried to gloat at President Trump but instead made a fool of herself.

Hillary Clinton inadvertently ended up trolling herself when she tried to diss President Trump.

The two-time failed president candidate briefly emerged from exile to taunt Trump after the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reinstate his temporary travel ban.

Shortly after the three-judge panel issued its unanimous decision, the president promised he’ll see them in court in an all-caps tweet.


The Washington State Attorney General’s Office, which filed the lawsuit against Trump, trolled the president by replying with their own all-caps tweet.

While leftists are gleefully celebrating their legal “victory” against Trump, it bears noting that the 9th Circuit (a.k.a. – the “9th Circus”) has an 80% reversal rate at the Supreme Court, which means their decisions are usually wrong.

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But Hillary Clinton decided to pile on, tweeting “3-0,” a snarky reference to the unanimous 3-judge panel’s decision against Trump.

Not to be outdone, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway jabbed back at Clinton, naming 3 key states she lost to Trump:

Twitter also barraged Hillary with hilarious reminders of her own 0-3 losing streak and dismal presidential election history.



One person warned Hillary supporters that if they think egging her on will help Democrats at the midterm elections, by all means, continue.


Then, there’s this. Ouch.


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