On-the-spot Lamont Hill can’t name one example of right-wing campus rioters

And this guy is a professor?

CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill was stumped when challenged on his argument that violent protests on college campuses are not limited to the left.

Discussing the riots at the University of California, Berkeley, on Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom,” commentator Ben Ferguson pointed out that these violent protests are not by right-wingers but are strictly a left-wing phenomenon.

Hill, a Morehouse College professor, was left floundering for a response.

“I think it’s also a bit inaccurate to say this is a problem purely of the left. I think we have intolerance on the left and on the right. I mean, I travel the college speaking circuit all the time, and the Right boycotts, the Right writes letters, the Right tells people not to let me in,” the far left commentator said.

“Do they pepper spray people that want to come to your events?” Ferguson countered.  “Do they set things on fire? Do they destroy property? Do they flip over barricades? Tell me the last time a bunch of conservatives went to a college campus and acted this way because I would love to see the proof behind that.”

Ferguson put the brakes on as Hill tried to equate lone-wolf terror attacks with violent protests.”Well, you know, they don’t always go to college campuses. Sometimes they blow up abortion clinics. Sometimes they burn down mosques. Sometimes they shoot up churches,” he said.

Ferguson accused the professor of “stretching.”

“No, no. I’m not stretching. I’m just trying to finish my point. What I’m saying is that both sides have extremists and respond to disagreement violently. No, it’s not necessarily on a college campus — sometimes it is — and there have been right-wing riots on college campuses as well. But the point is that both sides do it.”

As Hill continued to avoid directly answering, Ferguson kept asking for even one example of conservatives rioting on a college campus.

“I’m not saying — I’m not defending — I’m not — let me finish, Ben — I’m not defending the behavior, I’m saying let’s not pretend that only the left has violent forms of disagreement,” Hill argued before taking the discussion to another topic.

“Ben, I’m not trying to avoid your question, it’s just you keep interrupting, so I’m going to get to my other point,” Hill said.


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