The most powerful pro-American Super Bowl ad couldn’t run until after the game; here’s why

It took a South Korean auto maker to make the most pro-American ad of the night.

Hyunda ran one of Sunday’s most powerful Super Bowl commercials — but the company was unable to air it until the game was over and the New England Patriots declared the winner.

The ad, titled, “These soldiers couldn’t be home for Super Bowl, so we brought home to them,” depicts the sacrifices our men and women serving overseas make every day — and especially those special days when they’d rather be home with friends and family.

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There was nothing sinister about the reason Hyunda couldn’t air the ad until the game’s conclusion — in fact, the reason was something pretty special.

It captured actual moments of soldiers watching the game to its final score, so the producers were feverishly capturing and editing those scenes to come up with a powerful 90-second ad.

But what was truly special, Hyunda didn’t just bring the game to the troops — it allowed the troops to enjoy it with their loved ones — those for whom they make such enormous daily sacrifices.

And everyone on social media agreed — it was the best ad of the evening and the perfect capper to the game.

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German auto maker Audi used its ad to make a political statement on equal pay for women. Given Audi’s cheap pandering, one Twitter user made this prediction:

And then there’s the final irony. It took a South Korean company to make the most pro-American commercial of the evening.


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