Do Americans think the media is too tough on Trump or not hard enough? Take the poll . . .

Americans are divided over the media’s treatment of President Trump.

A new Gallup poll shows that 36% of Americans think the press is too tough on Trump, while 28% think it’s not tough enough.

Not surprisingly, the poll results were sharply divided along party lines. About 74% of Republicans saying press coverage has been too tough, while only 9% of Democrats agree.

gallup poll press treatment trumpAt this time in 2009, only 11% of the American public thought the press was too hard on President Obama, while 48% of people said the media coverage was about right. Interestingly, 38% of Americans thought the press wasn’t tough enough on Obama.

While most presidents enjoy a media “honeymoon” in the first few months of their tenure, President Trump has been relentlessly attacked since the day he got elected.

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The fake news reporting has gotten so out of hand that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said he can’t afford to waste time talking to media that have no interest in accurate reporting. “I’m not going to sit around and engage with people who have no desire to actually get something right,” Spicer said.

Similarly, Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway wants to know why there’s no outrage over the shameful barrage of errors and fake news pushed daily by mainstream media. “Where are memes and faux outrage?” she asked on Twitter.

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