A Right-wing call to self defense: ‘We can’t always be the victims, it’s time to fight back’

What should conservatives do in the aftermath of violent protests like this week’s riot at the University of California, Berkeley?

It’s time for self-defense according to commentator Lauren Southern of TheRebel media who issued a call for those who value freedom of speech.

Southern blasted the “violent ideologues from the left” who trashed the Berkeley campus and shut down a planned speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. These “scum of the earth,” she said, “beat women and sucker-punch innocent, peaceful people” while believing they are acting “for the greater good.”

“It is time to get mad,” the best-selling author declared. “Why is no one fighting back?”

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Though conservatives want a “peaceful, decent battle of ideas” the rioters do not want conversation, Southern argued.

While reaching out to law enforcement to do their jobs, “we also need to stand up for ourselves,” she said. “It is time to defend yourself.”

“I do not condone senseless violence. But self-defense is not senseless,” she continued. “we can’t always be the victims.”

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Southern concluded by calling on free speech activists to “figure something out.”

“We need to figure out how to stand up for ourselves,” she said. “While we should never start the fight we should always end it.”

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Frieda Powers


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