Backfire! Milo Yiannopoulos’ book sales skyrocket after Berkeley rioters launch him to stardom

Thanks liberals and lefties.

It seems the violent riots at the University of California, Berkeley campus on Wednesday that shut down a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos have backfired.

Unhinged liberals protested the appearance by the Breitbart News editor, forcing his evacuation amid violent attacks on people and property that even caught the attention of President Donald Trump who threatened to cut off federal funds to the school.

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But, it seems Yiannopoulos will have the last laugh as all the protesting resulted in driving up sales for his new book.

According to Zero Hedge:

Sales of Milo’s book have increased 12,740% overnight sending it rocketing from 642nd to 5th ranked best-seller on Amazon. Pretty impressive considering the book is not even released until March 14th 2017…

So despite all the best efforts of the liberal intelligentsia to shut down his ‘free-speech’ last night – hurting the feelings of 600 conservatives who were looking forward to the event – we suspect a lot more than 600 Americans are now about to get a crash course in how Milo thinks.


Publisher Simon & Schuster came under fire from the left when it announced the deal with the conservative commentator in 2016, and threats to boycott the book predictably backfired by increasing pre-sales.

Will liberals never learn?

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