Former President H.W. Bush and Barbara land a starring role at Super Bowl 2017

Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara are doing well after being hospitalized recently.

The Bushes will do the coin toss at Super Bowl LI on Sunday in Houston, to the delight of fellow Texans and football fans.

“The Bushes didn’t hesitate for one second in accepting it,” the couple’s rep, Jim McGrath, said in a statement. “They couldn’t be prouder of their hometown and the Texans’ organization.”

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President Bush, 92, was discharged from Houston Methodist Hospital on Monday after being treated for pneumonia for 16 days. Mrs. Bush, 91, was hospitalized with bronchitis on January 18, but released a few days later.

Both Bushes are recovering nicely and look forward to doing the coin toss at the Super Bowl, where the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons face off.

The idea of participating in the Super Bowl may have motivated President Bush, a football fan, toward a speedier recovery.

“He always has a goal on the horizon, something to keep him charging forward,” McGrath said. “I have no doubt that this was one of them.”

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