Black journalist group demands answers from NBC about ‘whitewashing’ Tamron Hall with Megyn Kelly

In a story we assure you is not made up, the National Association of Black Journalists is upset over Tamron Hall being bumped on NBC by Megyn Kelly, suggesting the move is a “whitewashing.”

An “insulted” Hall reportedly turned down “multiple millions” to remain at NBC and quit after learning that Kelly would be taking her 9 a.m. time slot.

The organization said it is “saddened by Tamron Hall‘s departure” and requested a meeting with NBC to discuss the role of black journalists at the network, according to TVNewser.

Proving they see EVERYTHING through the lens of color, the NABJ made the expected line-up change all about race.

“NBC has been a leader for diversity in broadcasting,” the advocacy group said in a statement. “But recent reports that Hall and Roker will be replaced by former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly are being seen by industry professionals as whitewashing.”

NBC was Johnny-on-the-spot with a statement of their own to ensure the network is not tagged as racist.

“NBC News has a long and proven history as an industry leader in newsroom diversity. We will continue to engage in the running dialogue we’ve had for many years with the National Association of Black Journalists and other advocacy groups to advance those goals.”


The reaction on social media showed some folks wouldn’t mind seeing some reverse “whitewashing,” with suggestions that Great Van Susteren and Katie Couric be booted.

Here are a few more reactions from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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