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Libs target Uber for offering rides while cabbies protest Trump; #DeleteUber, a lefty temper tantrum

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With airport protests against President Donald Trump‘s executive order designed to prevent Islamic extremists from entering the U.S. being all the rage on an otherwise slow news weekend, the ride-sharing service Uber is finding itself at the center of all the controversy.

The hashtag #DeleteUber began trending Saturday on Twitter after the company did not honor a strike by New York taxi drivers at JFK Airport — the strike was in protest of the president’ immigration order.

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“The cabbies halted work for an hour in solidarity with demonstrators protesting the crackdown,” Twitter Moments noted.

The action likely has as much to do with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick expressing a willingness last week to “partner” with the Trump administration as it does with the company offering travelers a ride when taxis would not.

Either way, the reaction on social media shows that people are on to the antics of the left… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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