Tucker destroys refugee advocate for spending taxpayer money to ‘be virtuous’; spend your own money!

Tucker Carlson took on and destroyed an argument by an immigration advocate who claimed that allowing refugees into the U.S. makes the nation safer.

Kevin Appleby, from the Center for Migration Studies, criticized President Donald Trump’s executive order issued on Friday calling for an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees.

Appleby argued Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that banning the refugees puts America more at risk for terror since radical Islamic groups like ISIS can recruit more people to their cause by claiming Americans hate them.

“You’re basically saying that we have to let more people in or else we’ll be hated more by Islamic extremists?” Carlson asked, after providing multiple examples of immigrants who came to this country and then turned on Americans.

Carlson pushed back on Appleby’s claims that allowing the refugees entrance is the morally right thing to do, asking why American taxpayers should foot the bill for resettling refugees.

“Can you name one specific benefit the U.S. has derived from settling refugees?” Carlson asked. Appleby responded by citing stability in other nations as a byproduct of U.S. acceptance of refugees.

“Name one country that’s become much more stable because we’ve allowed its refugees to move here and paid for their resettlement,” Carlson challenged.

After circling the question, Appleby offered Syria and Turkey as examples of nations that have benefited, and become more stable, by the U.S. policy of accepting refugees.

Viewers cheered Carlson on, applauding how he “destroyed” Appleby’s argument.

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Frieda Powers


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