President Trump reportedly set to turn ‘Syrian refugee’ spigot to the ‘off’ position, indefinitely

President Trump is reportedly about to turn the Syrian refugee spigot to the “off” position, indefinitely.

According to Fox News Chief White House correspondent John Roberts, several new executive orders expected on Friday deal with refugees not just from Syria, but from the entire Middle East.

First, a 30-day ban on visa entries from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Syria, all countries considered terrorism hotbeds.

Second, a 120-day moratorium on all refugees from those same countries.

Third, an indefinite ban on so-called “Syrian refugees,” a group long known to be heavily infiltrated by ISIS and other radical Islamic groups.

Roberts reports that even those who already have a visa will not be allowed to enter the country.

Trump signing, DHS

As he vowed on the campaign trail repeatedly, Trump is expected to issue an order for a 30-day ban on visa entries from seven countries.

According to Fox News, long-term refugee admissions will eventually be cut in half, from 100,000 annually to 50,000. Additionally, “extreme vetting” will apply to those who are accepted.

What President Obama was able to enact with the stroke of a pen, Donald Trump continues to remedy every day he is in office. So far, as least as far as national security is concerned, this could be by far the most significant of this administration’s first seven days.

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