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Raging lib editor challenges Cruz supporters to a ‘UFC’ fight, so 2 soldiers answer his call. But, it gets worse!

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After getting one-upped in a big way by wily U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz over a request for a photo of the Texas Republican playing basketball, the left-leaning website Deadspin was looking to save face with a heaping helping of bravado.

…that quickly blew up in their face. Again.

The dust-up began when Deadspin took issue with Cruz reportedly starting a weekly Senate basketball game, sending out the request for a photo, the senator responded to in epic fashion.

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Proving chivalry is not entirely dead on the left, when the fallout got too hot for the author of the article, Ashley Feinberg, Deadspin editor Tim Marchman came to the rescue.


Marchman not only attacked Cruz, calling him “a pathetic a**hole,” but challenged Cruz’s supporters to a “UFC octagon”-style fight:


But Marchman got more than he bargained for when two soldiers answered the call.

Take a page out of the movie “Tombstone,” where Doc Holliday, brilliantly portrayed by Val Kilmer, answered Johnny Ringo’s call for a game of blood, Special Forces Operator Tim Kennedy responded, “I’m your huckleberry.”

He also called the editor “a pathetic cyber bully.”

As noted by The Blaze, Kennedy “isn’t just a Ranger qualified Sniper, but he’s also an MMA fighter as well.”

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Beating Kennedy to the punch was J.R. Salzman, a veteran of the Iraq War who lost his right arm. Convinced he was up to the task with just one arm, Salzman was quite succinct in his reply: “Time and place?”


But things are quickly spiraling out of Marchman’s control.

Turns out, Kennedy and Glenn Beck have each agreed to pony up $50,000 for a grand total of $100,000 for charity if Marchman agrees to fight Kennedy, the Doc Thompson show reported Thursday morning on The Blaze radio.

Now what does he do? It would appear, as one social media user noted, Marchman’s mouth wrote a check his ass ain’t willing to cash.

Here’s a few other responses from Twitter:

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