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Hilarious ‘Bad Lip Reading’ video of Trump’s Inauguration pretty much nails ‘crazy’ Hillary

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Wondering what small talk was exchanged between the Trumps and Obamas on Inauguration Day? Or what was really in the Tiffany gift box Melania gave to Michelle?

The latest video from the folks at Bad Lip Reading offers up a hilarious take on things that could have, but probably didn’t, happen at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Video clips featuring President Trump, President Obama, Vice President Mike Pence and others are presented with the bad lip-reading voiceovers that are the signature of this YouTube channel’s videos.

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“Surprise! I have some pretzels for you!” the incoming first lady announces to Michelle Obama as she hands her the Tiffany box.

“Now I pretend I like you, but I hate you, inside,” the faux Trump tells Obama, who replies, “You’re a creep!”

In one of the funniest moments of the video, former president George W. Bush and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appear to be working on some sort of secret plot.

“Looks like we have a problem,” Bush mysteriously tells Clinton.

“Yeah. Leave it to me,” she replies. “We’re gonna squeeze him.”

At one point, they have Clinton go into a flurry of crazy gibberish. And given her liking for taking on fake accents, seems just about right to a lot people.

The Bad Lip Reading videos have spoofed presidential debates, political conventions and campaign ads as well as music videos. The channel currently boasts over 5.7 million subscribers and the “Inauguration Day” video has already been viewed over 8 million times.

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With over four minutes of ridiculously funny lines, the entertaining video affirms, as the YouTube channel states, that “Politicians CAN say what they’re actually thinking…”

Folks took to Twitter to show their hilarious response to the video.

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