Smug Dem downplays George Soros’ ties to protests, calls O’Reilly ‘unhinged’ to his face

Former Obama adviser Austan Goolsbee had the temerity to call Fox News host Bill O’Reilly “unhinged” to his face… and lived to tell about it.

Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night, Goolsbee was asked to weigh in on an earlier segment where O’Reilly debated Charles Krauthammer over the seriousness of the left mobilizing to undermine President Donald Trump, as O’Reilly characterized Saturday’s feminist march in Washington and other cities.

Coming in on the side of Krauthammer, who wasn’t too impressed with what O’Reilly believes are the long-term implications of the effort, Goolsbee went out on a limb.

“You sounded like you were getting a little… a little unhinged or something,” he said ever so gingerly.

Naturally, Goolsbee downplayed any chance of a “conspiracy” at the hands of liberal boogeyman George Soros, but touted the march as being “the biggest demonstration in American history.”

The Democrat also put it back on Trump.

“If Donald Trump had reached out in his inaugural address,” he suggested, “I think these demonstrations would be half the size that they were. He’s saying ‘I won,’ he’s charging ahead, and I think he’ll overstep.”

Goolsbee was also skeptical about any possibility of bipartisan cooperation between the Trump White House and the Democratic Party, suggesting the president should appoint Democrats to his administration.

“I don’t know if the Trump administration is capable of working with Democrats,” he said. “If you win an election narrowly, you can do what JFK did and put prominent Republicans in the cabinet.”

Goolsbee was clearly looking past the Electoral College, which Trump won 304-227, to the popular vote.

Tom Tillison


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