Paper issues profuse apologies for complimenting sexy new first lady after libs throw a hissy fit

Apparently it’s now reached the point where not only has bashing President Donald Trump become the new national pastime, but media outlets aren’t even allowed to say anything complimentary about members of the first family.

Or maybe it’s inappropriate to call the first lady sexy — even if she is.

Commenting on Melania Trump‘s appearance at the inaugural balls, the Philadelphia Inquirer asked if she could be the country’s “first sexy first lady.”

Trump Jr. posts fun family bowling night at the White House, libs implode over the ‘disrespect’

So is it inappropriate to call a first lady “sexy”? Some thought so — as did the publication on further consideration.

The newspaper soon recognized the error of its ways and issued a profuse three-tweet (count ’em) apology to its readers.

One enterprising tweep named Sandy had the good sense to take a screenshot of the Inquirer’s original tweet and save it for prosperity.

Many on social media thought the Inquirer’s reference to the first lady as “sexy” was inappropriate — especially in light of Saturday’s Women’s March.

The Enquirer eventually replaced the word “sexy” with “sultry” — but that did little to stem the tide of complaints.

On the other hand, at least one person thought it was the apology itself — not the original headline — that was the joke.

Others agreed — the first lady looked stunning, and yes, sexy, especially when compared to the alternative had Hillary Clinton been elected.

So which is it? Is it really wrong to call ’em as you see ’em and say the first lady looked sexy, or is it all “much ado about nothing”?

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