What happens when US Airmen are blocked from inauguration by left-wing loons they protect and serve

President Donald Trump has plenty of supporters in the U.S. military, to include many who traveled to the nation’s capital to see Trump be sworn in as the airmen45th president of the United States.

Two airman were among those supporters on hand to watch the ceremony, but found their way blocked by anti-Trump protesters. Employing a common tactic that day, the perpetually offended snowflakes locked arms to form a human barricade at a security checkpoint — unfortunately, Dave was nowhere to be found to help clear the way.

“This checkpoint is closed!” the protesters chanted.

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So despite the airmen serving their country, protecting the very people now blocking their way, the left-wing crowd would not let them pass. The despicable incident was captured on video and has been seen more than 12 million times:

Independent Journal Review spoke with the wife of one of the airmen, Catherine.

She told the online news source that they didn’t “seek out” the protesters and even went out of their way to avoid them.

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“We walked for blocks and blocks to avoid them, even asking police officers the best and clearest route to our designated check point,” Catherine said.

Fortunately, IJ Review reported the family did eventually make it to the inauguration ceremony.

Tom Tillison


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