Dr. Alveda King’s question for DC marchers exposes their true colors more than anything else could

President Donald Trump was not the only one calling out left-wing celebrities at the forefront of Saturday’s feminist march on Washington, Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., also weighed in.

Echoing a sentiment the president tweeted Sunday that celebrities like Ashley Judd and soon-to-be senior citizen Madonna “hurt [the] cause badly,” King said Sunday in an appearance on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that the rhetoric coming from the Hollywood moonbats overshadowed the importance of the marches that took place Saturday.

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“I believe the missed opportunity is a little sad,” she said, suggesting legitimate issues were being represented, like domestic violence and human trafficking.

“Those messages were missed because of the emotional… whatever, upheaval,” King added.

She also called out those behind Saturday’s march for not allowing pro-life women’s organizations.

“Who’s going to represent those little baby girls who’ve been aborted?” King asked.

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