Michelle Obama’s inauguration behavior ‘took over the internet’ – she couldn’t hide the nasty ‘side eye’

The party’s over for Michelle Obama — it was written all over her face.

Former President Barack Obama is the consummate politician, and as such is able to hide his feelings from the public whenever the occasion calls for it. The former first lady lacks that skill, as photos and video taken from the inauguration prove in living color.

Before taking off to the inauguration, the Trumps and Obamas posed for a group photo. Melania Trump beamed; Michelle Obama clearly wished she were somewhere else — anywhere but there.

Reacting to comments made by then-candidate Trump, Michelle Obama famously remarked in July that “When they go low, we go high.”

But she apparently didn’t complete her thought. From the photos taken she should have added, “And when they go high, we go low.” Her “mug shots” set into motion several hilarious memes, and Twitter loved it.

Even meeting kindred spirit Hillary Clinton didn’t appear top soothe her inner tortured soul.

In addition to the end of the pomp and circumstance that goes along with being first lady, there’s the matter of her replacement.

Michelle Obama’s mugging didn’t escape the notice of Buzz60, which reported:

The awkwardness began when the two couples met at the White House prior to the ceremony. Melania Trump presented her former counterpart with a gift wrapped in Tiffany-blue paper. No bright smiles or expressions of thanks — more a look of “what am I doing here?”

The presentation also sparked questions of “What’s in the box?

In his inaugural address, Trump took on establishment politicians of both parties as well as the dismal state of both the union and the world after eight years of the Obama administration. He was probably seething inside, but Obama told Trump afterward that he’d made a good speech.

The former first lady obviously lacks her husband’s skills.

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