‘The greatest guy.’ Unlikely meeting with Trump just before inauguration moves FedEx courier to tears

An unlikely meeting between a Donald Trump supporter from Illinois and the man about to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States took place backstage at the pre-inauguration concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

Trump learned about Shane Bouvet through a story in the Washington Post — Bouvet is a FedEx courier and a struggling single father who volunteered for the Trump campaign and earned an invitation to an inaugural ball, but was only able to attend after a friend stepped in to buy him a suit and get someone to donate a pair of shoes.

“Hey, Donald Trump,” Bouvet casually said when he met Trump in a tent serving as a holding room outside the Lincoln Memorial, according to The Post.

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“This is the greatest guy,” Trump responded with a smile.

Trump signed an autograph for Bouvet, who was almost moved to tears in meeting the president-elect, and they placed a call to Bouvet’s father in Stonington, Ill.

“Hey, Dad,” Bouvet said to his father. “I’m with Donald Trump.”

“Hey, Don, you have a great name,” Trump told the father after taking the phone. “You have a good boy.”

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But Trump’s generosity was just beginning… more from The Post:

Trump and his staff posed for photographs with Bouvet and offered him a round of applause. At the end, Trump put his hand on Bouvet’s back and told an aide, “Send him a check for $10,000.”

Bouvet broke down and cried.


The president-elect posted a photo of the two on his Instagram page:

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