‘Top Chef’ star says Trump needs a food czar; good idea or no better than Michelle Obama fail?

“Top Chef” host Tom Colicchio believes it’s now time for America to have a food czar — something President-elect Donald Trump should look into and maybe even turn into a cabinet position — secretary of food.

The star of the popular Bravo TV series told the New York Post’s Page Six that the appointee should “focus on small farmers, fruits and vegetables and getting the costs of those things down.”

Chef Tom Colicchio / Source: screenshot
Chef Tom Colicchio / Source: screenshot

Nutrition should be the focal point of the position — something that Colicchio believes has been lacking in prior federal efforts that subsidize commodities like corn, wheat and dairy rather than concentrating on vitamin-rich crops.

“The focus needs to shift away from commodity crops to more healthy ones,” the acclaimed Craftsteak restaurant founder told the publication.

Colicchio believes that the nation could benefit in both health and costs.

“Diabetes alone costs the country $1 billion a year,” he observed.

Page Six reported:

The new position would differ from the federal Food and Drug Administration because it would focus specifically on the safety and availability of organic and local products.

Colicchio believes also that Trump may lead a more nutritious lifestyle than some of his social-media posts let on.


Given that Trump doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, Colicchio probably isn’t far off the mark.

“I think pictures of him eating fried chicken are probably just for show,” he said.

The idea gained at least one supporter on social media, along with a spin-off of the Trump campaign slogan.

President Obama appointed Van Jones in the short-lived position as green jobs czar. He did little but make jobs in coal country scarce. A food czar could do much more.

Then there’s First lady Michelle Obama, who has been an unnamed but de facto food czar for the last eight years. The result has been inedible school lunches that went to the bottom of the trash cans rather than the bottom of students’ stomaches.

Maybe a real live food czar who’s also a “top chef” could remedy that situation. How about it, Colicchio? Are you up for the job?

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