Tired of constant Trump-trashing? Patriot Eric Bolling is bursting with pride, listen to his inspiring words

Fox News anchor Eric Bolling can’t contain his excitement and pride in a Trump presidency.

During his monologue on “Wake Up America,” Bolling said he has known Donald Trump for 15 years, and is confident the billionaire business mogul will revive the U.S. economy and American exceptionalism.

Bolling recounted how Trump’s appearance on “Cashin’ In” in August 2015 catapulted his business-focused TV show to the top of the cable news heap.

“That show was the top-rated show in all of cable news by a huge margin,” Bolling said.

Bolling, a former commodities trader on the New York Mercantile Exchange, was briefly considered for a job in the Trump Administration.

He co-hosts “The Five” on Fox News and is a frequent guest anchor on “The O’Reilly Factor,” the No. 1 cable news show for the past 15 years.

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As Trump preps for his inauguration, Eric Bolling expressed his heartfelt wishes for the 45th president as a journalist, a friend and a patriot.

“I want to wish Donald J. Trump all my best as he takes the reins of Commander-in-Chief,” said Bolling. “May God bless his administration.”

Bolling fans joined in his celebration.



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