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Sean Spicer: ‘Nope, not true’- story about Trump meeting Putin in Iceland explodes and is FALSE

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The leftist “fake news” brigade is at it again.

Donald Trump‘s first foreign trip as president will NOT be meeting Russian president Vladimir Putin in Iceland, as falsely bleated by mainstream media.

Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer took to Twitter Saturday night to alert the world that rumors that Trump will meet with Putin weeks after his inauguration are “100% false.”

Spicer linked to a fake news story in The Hill (which cited a bogus report from the Sunday Times) claiming Trump’s first foreign trip meeting will be with Putin.

Spicer also smacked down a Bloomberg headline that declared: “Donald Trump wants to hold a summit with Vladimir Putin in Iceland, the Sunday Times reports.”

Spicer shot back: “Nope, not true.”

The fake news report was widely circulated by leftist media outlets like Yahoo News, Raw Story, The Guardian and Bloomberg, which are desperately trying to push the narrative that Trump is a puppet of Putin.

Many on Twitter pointed out that liberals said nothing when Hillary Clinton traveled to Russia to suck up to Putin.

Last week, BuzzFeed and CNN were widely slammed by both conservative and liberal media outlets for circulating a story that the Russians had a “blackmail dossier” on Trump.

Veteran intelligence officials have dismissed the dossier as fraudulent and slammed its author for violating basic standards for intelligence reporting.

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The barrage of lies being vomited around the clock by leftist media culminated in an unforgettable moment when Trump smacked down biased CNN by declaring: “YOU are fake news!”



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