‘Leaving country next week . . .’ Tom Arnold thinks he’ll be assassinated over alleged ‘Apprentice’ clips

Has Tom Arnold read one too many movie scripts?

Giving lift to the delusion on the left, the actor expressed a willingness to “sacrifice myself” in order to get the “truth” out about President-elect Donald Trump.

…though its only natural to wonder if his version of the truth is along the same lines as the “fake news” that surfaced last week.

Arnold took to Twitter on Sunday to… intimate that he may be assassinated for his efforts?

Arnold continued to insist that he has damaging information on Trump, to include tapes of him using the “n-word” while with “The Apprentice.”

The actor says he’ll release the tapes when the time is right and is taking such risks because Trump is apparently guilty of “treason.”

Adding real cloak and dagger intrigue to his quest to expose the truth, the Hollywood moonbat explained he is leaving the country next week and has “shared everything” with a trusted friend.

…in the event his plane is shot out of the sky, of course.

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Tom Tillison


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