SOB FEST as Obama surprises emotional Joe Biden with Medal of Freedom, but not everyone’s feelin’ it

A highly emotional Joe Biden was taken off guard Thursday when President Obama presented him with a big surprise.

“I am pleased to award our nation’s highest civilian honor,” Obama began. “The Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

“For the first and only time in my presidency I will bestow this medal with an additional level of adoration. An honor my three most recent successors reserved for only three others: Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan and General Colin Powel.”

Biden, clearly barely able to contain his emotions had to chock back the tears as his friend and “brother,” according to Obama awarded him.

Liberals were out in force and unleashed a plethora of dramatic reactions:

That’s not over-the-top or anything. Wow.

What? No!

Double what?!?!

OK, that’s about enough of that. You get the gist. And just to keep things real, it’s important to note that not everyone was “feeling” it.



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