MTV writer deletes ‘disgusting’ tweet about Sessions’ Asian ‘prop’ granddaughter–forgets internet is forever

As expected, unhinged liberals are doing their level best to taint President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, as a racist.

Doing his part in furthering the fabricated narrative, MTV culture writer Ira Madison III crossed all lines of decency in attacking Sessions at Tuesday’s confirmation hearing.

The Alabama Republican was seen with his Asian-American granddaughter and Madison, who writes the weekly column “Delete Your Account,” posted a photo on Twitter, along with a vile remark claiming Sessions stole the child from a Toys ‘R Us.

He would soon delete the tweet, but it can be seen below:


The child was with other family members on hand to support Sessions, but that didn’t stop Madison from raging on in a series of tweets about her presence:

Madison also posted a tweet saying, “Sessions has shown horrendous anti-black behavior. His love for an Asian family member does not dissuade that.”

…but he apparently decided to delete that remark also.

As for the attack on Session’s granddaughter, CNN anchor Jake Tapper was quick to call Madison’s tweet “disgusting” and instruct the writer to “find some humanity.”

The reaction on Twitter was swift, to include Tapper pointing out that having family present at these confirmation hearings is commonplace. There’s also a growing call for MTV to fire Madison.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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