Oops! Alec Baldwin’s ‘troll Trump in Russian’ hat has all the accuracy of the Hillary reset button

In a quest for attention, New York-based Hollywood moonbat Alec Baldwin fired another salvo in his ongoing feud with Donald Trump when he posted an image of himself sporting a version of Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” red cap.

….written in Russian.

Not that it was related, but President-elect Trump took to social media early Saturday to call for better relations with Russia, saying “only ‘stupid’ people or fools” would disagree with that. Trump also said Russia will “respect” the United States “far more” once he’s president.

Trump surprises left, picks Dan Coats as intelligence director – guess what country he was banned from?

Either way, in his quest to troll Trump, the actor ended up trolling himself. Turns out, the hat he was wearing didn’t quite say what Baldwin thought it said.

Tom Tillison


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