Metro refused to put Trump’s image on inauguration pass; problem-solver PEOTUS has a fix for that!

In what may be attributed to the ever-enduring spirit of capitalism, the Trump inauguration committee presented a deal that solves the problem of President-elect Donald Trump‘s image — and name — being conspicuously absent from a DC Metro one-day inauguration pass.

Despite creating a special commemorative “SmartTrip” card featuring the likeness of President Barack Obama for his inaugurations, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority did not go the extra mile for Trump, saying his team failed to provide a requested photo.

And while the pass will not include Trump’s image, the inauguration committee came up with a clever solution: A paper sleeve to protect the card.

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In a win-win for Trump, the sleeve features the president-elect’s name and image… AND his signature campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Boris Epshteyn, director of communications for the inaugural committee, said in a statement that the “committee has worked closely with Metro on a commemorative sleeve,” according to Fox News.

The spokesman took to Twitter in December to suggest that the solution was in the works:

The commemorative SmarTrip fare cards cost $10 apiece and are good for unlimited use on the January 20 Inauguration Day — there is no charge for the added sleeve.

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“We’re going to put the picture on the sleeve, and so every sleeve that has the card will have the picture,” Metro Board Chairman Jack Evans said, according to NBC4 Washington.

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