Hannity goes off about the intel report: Here’s what’s in it that the left won’t tell you . . .

Amid what was likely a busy day for President-elect Donald Trump, it appears he took the time to catch Sean Hannity’s opening monologue Friday night.

Hannity opened the show with a reaction to U.S. intelligence officials saying Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a direct attempt to help Trump prevail, ordered Russian intelligence to meddle in the November election.

…and Trump agreed with Hannity’s assessment that Democrats’ “gross negligence” enabled Russia’s hacking efforts.


Hannity pointed out that this is not the first time Russia has tried to interfere in U.S. elections.

“But what the left – and, of course, the corrupt, alt-left, liberal media – won’t tell you tell you about the report and what’s in it? It contains evidence about Russia trying to meddle in U.S. elections going all the way back to 2008,” the Fox News host said.

He also noted that Russian hackers have targeted the White House, State Department and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with little reaction from the Obama administration.

“So, why all of a sudden, out of nowhere – this has been going on the entire Obama presidency – is hacking now such a pressing issue?” he asked.

He went on to say that if the Democrats “would have just done your job and fixed the hacking problem that you knew about back in 2008 and 2009 … this never would have happened.”

Tom Tillison


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