Meet Baby Trump! Tributes to America’s next president beginning to pop up in Iraq

This is going to trigger many on the left.

Tributes to President-elect Donald Trump are surfacing in what many would think is an unlikely place: the Middle East.

A Kurdish family in Iraq is pushing back against President Obama’s fear-based narrative about Trump’s proposed immigration policies by honoring the president-elect.

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A new baby boy born to the family has proudly been given the name Trump Hassan Jamil, according to CNN.

“I called him Trump because Trump is charismatic and has clear policies,” the boy’s father, Hassan Jamil, a Peshmerga fighter on leave, said. “That’s why he won the election.”

A Kurdish business owner named his new restaurant after the incoming president. Recently opened in Dahouk, Iraq the restaurant, named “Trump Fish,” even sports a likeness of Trump on its sign.

Image: Screenshot CNN

“What I admire the most about Trump’s personality is that he’s decisive, he’s tough,” Nadyar Zawiti told CNN. “And with that toughness, he’ll finish off ISIS.”

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He also isn’t buying the rhetoric about Trump planning to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. and, in fact, wants to open another restaurant near the White House if he is allowed.

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