Greta hits back at haters after announcing possible return to TV: ‘Can we get something straight?’

Amid rumors that Greta Van Susteren may return to cable television, with MSNBC being named a possible new home, some have taken to criticizing Van Susteren for her time at Fox News.

Never one to take much gruff, Van Susteren was quick to hit back.

Using a social media platform, the former Fox News host posted a lengthy statement on Facebook in her typical straightforward manner.

…prompting evangelist Franklin Graham to post a link on Twitter:

“Can we get something straight? When people work for a large company – including a network – they are not responsible for everyone else who works there,” Van Susteren wrote. “They ARE responsible for themselves.”

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She said “it is indeed true that I am considering going back to TV,” but emphasized if that happens, she is only “responsible for myself and my hour.”

Van Susteren then spoke about unity and making things better.

“We won’t always agree, but we are on the same team as Americans with the same goals – peace, prosperity and opportunity,” she said. “In the news we should identify problems – get the facts – and try to come up with solutions. That’s what the news business should be about…looking to make things better, not stirring up venom.”

Here full statement can be seen here:

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