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CNN’s New Year’s Eve always a trainwreck: Watch Anderson Cooper get thrown by Hannity ‘beefcake’

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CNN seems to have the market cornered when it comes to weird and unusual New Year’s Eve coverage.

In addition to the network cutting the mic on anchor Don Lemon after one shot too many, colleague Anderson Cooper has his own awkward moment during a segment with vulgar comedienne Kathy Griffin.

Cooper had noted that he was just on vacation in Myanmar, prompting Griffin to jest that he was just trying to avoid hanging out with her — not an entirely unreasonable goal, given her annoying personality.

The comedienne began displaying poorly photo-shopped photos that she said showed what Cooper was really up to during his time off, to include a photo that was supposed to be Cooper bare-knuckle boxing with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

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“Oh, look at that,” Cooper said of the photo. “Wow!”

The gay CNN host was suddenly at a loss for words when she asked him what else he does with Hannity.

“I’m thrown by the beefcake,” Cooper explained, when she began razzing him about it.

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