Fear of Trump triggers deep cuts by SEIU; not enough friends in power, bracing for Republican dominance

America’s second largest union is revealing its true colors in announcing drastic budget cuts due to Donald Trump’s election victory.

The politically powerful Service Employees International Union, fearing the incoming Trump administration will mean fewer friends in power, is planning a 30 percent budget cut over the next year, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

“Because the far right will control all three branches of the federal government, we will face serious threats to the ability of working people to join together in unions. These threats require us to make tough decisions that allow us to resist these attacks and to fight forward despite dramatically reduced resources,” SEIU President Mary Kay Henry stated in an internal memo dated Dec. 14, according to Bloomberg.

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The organization must “dramatically re-think” its strategy, Henry noted, and will begin with a 10 percent budget cut starting in January.

With a current annual budget of $300 million and representing nearly two million government, health-care, and building-services workers, the SEIU has been a major supporter of Democrats. Working to elect Hillary Clinton while maintaining close ties to President Obama, the powerful union  spearheaded the “Fight for $15” movement which organized workers and many Democratic lawmakers behind a higher minimum wage.

The SEIU is bracing for Republican dominance in Washington with Trump likely to push for rolling back many of Obama’s union-friendly regulations. In particular, there is a fear that Trump’s judicial appointees will expand “Right to Work” laws nationwide which will prohibit unions from demanding that their members pay dues.

“As we prepare to fight-back against the forthcoming attacks on working people and our communities under an extremist-run government, we know we must realign our resources and streamline our investments to buttress and broaden our movement to restore economic and democratic opportunity for all families,” SEIU spokeswoman Sahar Wali said, according to Bloomberg.

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The all-staff memo from Henry stated that the union needs to “focus our resources and energy on the fights that position us to retake power in 2018, 2020 and beyond,” as well as position itself “to take on the forthcoming attacks, absorb the short-term losses and strengthen ourselves to win big in the future.”

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