She used me: Megyn Kelly seems to hold more of a grudge for the way HILLARY treated her pre-election

Megyn Kelly exposed a strategy she believed Hillary Clinton used by continually refusing to be a guest on her Fox News show during the election campaign.

Clinton refused to do any interviews with Kelly yet she used her in a PR campaign to appeal to potential voters.

“All of her time out there saying what a fantastic journalist I am, which she was using because she knew Trump had attacked me, she was using to try to curry favor with certain voting blocs,” Kelly said on Monday’s “The Kelly File.”

While discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s relationship with the press with guests on the show,  Kelly noted that President Obama and Clinton had blacklists against Fox News journalists.

Kelly revealed she had asked Clinton “50 ways from Sunday” to come on her show for an interview, but “She wouldn’t do it.”

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And while Kelly thought one reason the former Democratic presidential nominee refused was because she was “scared,” she pointed out another explanation.

“Her team didn’t want to legitimize Fox News,” Kelly said, noting a double standard by critics.

“People who wouldn’t call her out at all are now shocked and horrified that Donald Trump may not sit with certain news reporters or organizations,” she said.

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Frieda Powers


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