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Defiant Maxine Waters refuses to even meet with Trump: The problem with Dems is we’re too ‘nice’

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“Alcohol is a hell of a drug.”

That’s the reaction one Twitter user had after Congresswoman Maxine Waters ranted that Democrats are “too nice.” The California Democrat made the absurd remark during an interview with MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff:

That has been a problem in my party, that when we’re in power, we’re nice. We bend over backwards to work with people. Trump has stepped over everybody.

Waters was reacting to reports that Democratic lawmakers like Chuck Schumer said they are willing to work with Donald Trump to find common ground when he takes office.

In contrast, Waters said she refuses to work with Trump, even though as a member of the House of Representatives she is OBLIGATED to work with the president and not be obstructionist.

“I have no intention of pretending everything is alright,” Waters said. “I’m going to fight him every step of the way.”

Waters said she wouldn’t even bother to meet with Trump if he invited her to the White House, saying she doesn’t trust him.

“I’m not going to go,” Waters said. “I have no intentions of sitting down with him … He can’t be trusted. Why should we work with someone I can’t trust? … I’m going to fight him every inch of the way.”

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Speaking of untrustworthy, Waters seems to have forgotten that her champion, Hillary Clinton, kept a secret, unsecured email server for four years as Secretary of State.

Waters also seems to have forgotten that Clinton had slammed millions of Americans as a “basket of deplorables” simply for supporting another candidate and that she and her aides had mocked their own supporters in a variety of ways, as revealed by Wikileaks.

hillary-groped-me-hillarys-emails-wikileaksThe reaction to Congresswoman Maxine Waters on Twitter was mixed.

Some supported her obstructionist stance, while many others called her out for being immature and out of touch.




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