‘You’re getting wrecked, son’: Tucker Carlson debates Harvard’s affirmative action, humiliates another ‘idiot’

Tucker Carlson annihilated an affirmative-action advocate, and his gleeful fans had a ringside seat.

Carlson debated the controversial policy with Jay Chen, a Harvard alum and affirmative-action proponent.

Chen opposes a lawsuit filed by an unnamed Asian-American student who wants Harvard to get rid of affirmative action. The lawsuit, filed in 2014, is still pending.

The plaintiff says race-based college admissions policies discriminate against qualified Asians and Whites to make room for lesser-qualified African-Americans and Latinos, who get admitted based on quotas. Chen insists affirmative action is necessary to help historically disenfranchised minorities.

“To say that you’re starting off with a clean slate as an applicant, when you if you are a Mexican-American student and you’re worried that your parents might get deported by the next president, you have a significantly different experience than a Caucasian student,” Chen explained.

Carlson said affirmative-action policies served a purpose years ago, but are out of date today. Opponents of affirmative action agree, saying the policy is reverse racism against qualified Whites and Asians, who get shafted in the college admission process in favor of minorities with lower grades and test scores.

Carlson also said it’s unfair to hold White students today responsible for their ancient ancestors’ actions.

“Children are not responsible for the sins of previous ages,” Carlson said. “No 18-year-old Asian or Black or Hispanic kid is responsible for slavery or Jim Crow or the sins of America, and to punish them for those things is grotesque.”

Carlson echoed the stance of other affirmative-action opponents, who say using quotas in college admissions and hiring decisions is racist, because they should be based on merit.

                       Black students demand free college tuition and housing as slavery reparations

According to a recent Princeton University study, African Americans receive a “bonus” of 230 points when being considered for college admission, while Hispanics are awarded a bonus of 185 points. In contrast, Asian-Americans are penalized 50 points.

This means that admissions officers are told to mentally add 230 points to a black applicant’s SAT scores when considering him for admission and to deduct 50 points from an Asian’s scores.

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Not surprisingly, many people on Twitter backed Tucker Carlson’s position.

While diversity is laudable, who wants to be operated on by a doctor who got into medical school simply because he was filling a quota?

Besides, when was the last time the NBA instituted an affirmative action policy to allow short, unathletic people to play pro basketball? Oh yeah — never.

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